One thing you can definitely say about this marriage proposal, no one will ever forget it. A man named Daiwon McPherson was pulled over by Mobile police while riding his motorcycle. As police ordered him to get on the ground a woman stepped forward. “Who are you?” one officer asked. “I’m his wife,” the woman, whose name is Shawna Blackmon, replied nervously.

Police ordered Blackmon to get the gun they said McPherson was carrying. She asked the police to stand back and stood between the police and her boyfriend hoping to defuse the situation. He reached into his jacked and pulled out…a box with a ring.

Immediately, Blackmon covered her face and leaned against the police officer who, it turned out, was in on the whole thing. The guns police had been pointing at McPherson were actually unloaded tasers. Here’s the video of the surprise proposal. The original Facebook posting has already been viewed nearly 10 million times:

Tyler Colvin, a friend of McPhereson’s who filmed the clip and posted it on Facebook, wrote:

My friend Daiwon Mcpherson collaborated with Mobile Police Department to create an interesting marriage proposal to Shawna Blackmon tonight. He planned his whole day around this proposal so that everything lined up just right. And yes there was a story behind all this he created and fed her throughout the day so that she would be oblivious to it all being a set up.

I and a few others was asked to film and take pictures. I am working on putting together a big video of all the pics and video from the whole day so that the story gets told. So for now , here is the main shot I got.

McPherson told Mobile, Alabama’s WKRG “My goal was to get the best reaction from my fiancé and I achieved that.” He also wanted to recreate a moment 3 years ago when he was arrested in the same spot. That time it was not fake and McPherson says the arrest helped turn his life around.

Reaction to the clip has been mostly positive but not everyone has appreciated it. “I haven’t been getting no sleep, I got death threats I’ve got more positive than negative, I don’t see how the average superstar can live like this,” McPherson told WKRG.

Finally, there was one other motive which seems notable given the set up here. McPherson wanted to, “show the world also that all police ain’t bad you’ve still got some cops out here that’s willing to help their fellow citizens.”

Here’s a local news report that includes a different angle on the proposal: