We’ve been hearing a lot about the Democrats ground game advantage in this election. Politico published early results from an online exit poll it conducted with Morning Consult which found a higher percentage of respondents were contacted by the Clinton camp than by the Trump camp about getting out to vote:

Seventeen percent of voters say they were contacted by Clinton’s campaign by phone or in person, compared to only 8 percent who say Trump’s camp reached them. Another 9 percent say they were contacted by both campaigns, and 62 percent say neither campaign made contact with them.

The results – based on online interviews with 9,704 early and Election-Day voters – are preliminary and could change significantly as the day goes on.

Politico published this graphic showing how this election compares with 2008 and 2004:


Another finding of this early exit poll is that a majority of Americans, 55%, feel the winner of the election will have a mandate to “to take the country towards the vision they spoke about during the campaign.” That’s surprising because this certainly doesn’t feel like an election where either side is ready to embrace the vision of the opposing candidate. Trump has repeated suggested the election is rigged and Clinton has said Trump is unqualified for the office. Barring an unexpected blowout, whoever wins tonight is likely to continue to face strong opposition to their agenda starting on the day they are sworn into office.

Finally, the Politico poll also found that President Obama’s influence has been something of a wash. A solid majority, 55%, say their opinion of him was not a factor in their vote. Of the remainder, 21% say they were motivated to “express support” of the President and 19%, said their vote was motivated in part by a desire to oppose him.