The latest poll from Fox News has the presidential race narrowing. With just under 2 weeks to go until election day, Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 3 points in a 4-way race, 44-41. That’s an improvement from polling earlier in the month when the same poll showed Clinton with a 7-point lead.

In a 2-way race Clinton leads Trump by 5 points. However that is still an improvement on a 7 point lead Clinton held earlier in the month. Fox News reports the shift is the result of increasing support for Trump from independent voters:

Independents favor Trump over Clinton by 13 points (41-28 percent).  He had a 7-point advantage last week, and two weeks ago they were tied at 35 percent each…

The candidates garner almost equal backing among the party faithful:  83 percent of Democrats back Clinton, while 81 percent of Republicans support Trump.

“To be competitive, Trump needs to consolidate support among Republicans and carry independents,” says Republican pollster Daron Shaw.  “That’s where he’s made in-roads in the last week, mostly by focusing his attention on the economy and Obamacare.” Shaw conducts the Fox News Poll with Democratic counterpart Chris Anderson.

Both candidates had similarly bad favorability numbers in this poll, with Clinton underwater by 8 and Trump by 14 points.

The Real Clear Politics average of 4-way race polls, which includes the new Fox News poll, has Clinton leading by 5.4 points.