Arcan Cetin has confessed to killing five people in a Washington state mall. From the Associated Press:

The documents filed in Skagit Court say Arcan Cetin told detectives who interviewed him that “he did bring the rifle into Macy’s and shot all 5 victims.”

The 20-year-old was arrested Saturday evening following the slayings at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, on Friday evening.

Cetin, who faces five charges of premeditated murder, will be making an initial court appearance late Monday morning. Authorities are asking that he be held on a $2 million bond.

Kiro 7 has a bit more on what was in the charging documents released today:

Witnesses observed Cetin remove a rifle from his trunk of his blue four-door sedan, which was reported as either a Kia or Hyundai, according to court documents. Police later learned from Cetin’s father that he drove a blue Chevrolet Cavalier.

Police say Cetin entered the Macy’s women’s department through the west entrance.

He was inside the mall for approximately one minute during the shooting spree, investigators said.

Authorities are still not revealing a clear motive in the case. Terrorism hasn’t been ruled out but there seem to be plenty of people who say Cetin was a troubled individual who had particular problems relating to women. From the Washington Post:

“He had some kind of issues, to say the least,” Miranda Schnecker, who knew Cetin from middle school and high school, said in an interview. “He was just very awkward, didn’t know how to connect with people — and a lot of people didn’t know how to handle that, so he wasn’t very popular.”

It was in high school, she said, when Cetin began physically harassing girls in school.

“He would touch them inappropriately when they didn’t want it,” said Schnecker, 20.

Another classmate, Rosie Aguilera, said Cetin would try to touch her and other young women at the school “as some kind of joke to him.”

One female neighbor told the Associated Press Cetin was so “creepy, rude and obnoxious” that she kept a taser by her door just in case he showed up. There is also a report that Cetin had an ex-girlfriend who had worked at the Macy’s but she had apparently left months ago.