A German man who attacked four strangers while shouting “Allahu akbar” is mentally-ill but probably not a terrorist according to German authorities. The stabbing took place Tuesday morning in a suburb of Munich. One person was stabbed on the train and another on the platform after the doors opened. The other two victims were stabbed in the street outside the station. Video of the scene shows their bicycles laying in the street where they dropped them. The NY Times reports:

The authorities responded swiftly to calls for help, and the man was arrested shortly after carrying out the attacks.

The lead investigator for the Bavarian state police, Lothar Köhler, told reporters on Tuesday afternoon that after initial questioning of the suspect, whom the authorities did not identify, officials had no “compelling evidence or plausible conclusions” as to a motive.

“We have no indication that he had any contact to Islamic or Salafist groups, individuals or organizations,” Mr. Köhler said. The investigator confirmed that witnesses had heard the attacker shouting “Allahu akbar” — “God is great” — and, in German, “You infidels must die,” but as the context emerged, the attack seemed less and less likely to be motivated by extremism.

Bavarian interior minister Joachim Herrmann offered a similar statement:


The name of the assailant has not been release yet. Authorities did say he has no police record but claimed he had a history of drug use, though they did not confirm he was using drugs at the time of the attack. One person, age 56, was killed in the attack and three more were injured.

In March, ISIS called on its adherents to attack sites in Germany, posting pictures of the Bonn airport and Chancellor Merkel’s office as possible targets.