How much sense does it make to allow someone who was busted for drunken driving to get his driver’s license back early to make sure it won’t impact his job at a liquor store? Not much, but getting beyond that, what if that same person turns out to be an illegal alien who has been dodging a deportation order since 1992? Do you think he just MIGHT be getting special treatment? What if you find out the person in question is Barack Obama’s uncle?

Just a week after he copped a plea in a drunken-driving rap, President Obama’s illegal-alien uncle has landed a hardship driver’s license from the Registry of Motor Vehicles, making it perfectly legal for him to drive in Massachusetts — even though the feds say he doesn’t belong here.

Onyango Obama, 67, who lost his regular license for 45 days last week, scored his limited license yesterday from the Registry’s Wilmington branch, after convincing a hearing officer that life without wheels would have posed an undue hardship on his livelihood as a liquor-store manager. Obama bolstered his case with a letter from his employer, Conti Liquors, as well as proof that he’d enrolled in an alcohol-treatment program.

…The license award drew fire from one advocate of tough enforcement on illegals, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson.

“Our democracy is predicated on law,” Hodgson said. “When we start to interpret these laws differently and manipulate them the way we want them to work for certain people, we start to send a mixed message to people that the law doesn’t really matter. Its subject to interpretation. You don’t have to follow the law. They find ways to justify it. We need the laws to be very clear. We need ‘no’ to mean ‘no’ again.”

Onyango Obama has been living in America illegally since 1963. He was supposed to be deported in 1992, but since the government has no interest in actually enforcing the law, we don’t detain many of the illegals we catch. Therefore, rather than being deported, illegals run away — which is not exactly a shocker to anyone who’s not a government employee.

So here’s a key question: Why should we want a 67 year old with a drunk-driving rap who has been running from the law for twenty years to be allowed to stay in our country? What message does it send to all the immigrants who have been waiting patiently in their home countries to come here legally? The message would either have to be, “You’re really stupid to obey the law,” “It’s good to be related to the President,” or some combination thereof.

Moreover, how has Onyango Obama been working? Does he get paid under the table? Does he have a fake Social Security number? He definitely has a driver’s license, which makes you wonder if he’s registered to vote. Did Onyango Obama vote for his nephew in 2008? If he did, would anyone even realize an illegal alien voted? Will he be voting for him in 2012?

Here’s an idea: How about we deport Onyango Obama as soon as possible to set an example. If even Barack Obama’s uncle can’t get away with being here illegally, it might actually convince other illegals to do the right thing and go home.

John Hawkins is a professional writer who runs Right Wing News and Linkiest. He’s also the co-owner of the The Looking Spoon. You can hear more from John Hawkins on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, You Tube, & at Pajamas Media.