As those of you who have been following the story of the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force are likely aware, one of the more interesting figures to emerge from this saga is an inventor named Dr. Salvatore Pais. Working for the Navy under the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD), Pais applied for and was granted a series of really eye-opening patents over the years. These included claims of inventions, or at least plausible working theories, including an inertial mass reduction device, a gravitational wave generator, and a method of generating high-intensity electromagnetic fields. That last item was named “the Pais effect” and it allegedly could lead to new methods of both energy generation and propulsion that would be on par with the ability to warp space and time.

Most of this stuff sounds like science fiction, but the Navy clearly took him seriously and endorsed his patent applications. The bizarre nature of this research led to some observers speculating as to where the inspiration for all of this came from and if he might be reverse-engineering some sort of extraterrestrial technology. (Hence why some writers began referring to Pais’ body of work as “the UFO patents.”) But was any of it real? Over at The War Zone, Brett Tingley has finally gotten some answers from NAWCAD on this subject. Given that “the Pais effect” was one of the most remarkable claims, Tingley got the Navy to respond and inform him about the work that was put into it and the results that were produced.

As we reported in our last piece, the science and technology branches of the Naval Aviation Enterprise and NAWCAD took the theories of Dr. Pais seriously enough not just to vouch for them at the highest levels to patent examiners, asserting Chinese advances in similar areas of research and that they were ‘operable’ in nature, but to also subsequently invest a significant amount of money and time into researching the so-called “Pais Effect.” This is a theoretical concept for generating high-intensity electromagnetic fields that could supposedly lead to hypothetical breakthroughs in power generation and advanced propulsion. Specifically, the Navy has now responded to inquiries related to the new documentation we uncovered in our most recent report that shows hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on Pais’s High Energy Electromagnetic Field Generator (HEEMFG) experiments, along with other details related to it.

Here’s the short version of the answers the War Zone received from NAWCAD.

  • NAWCAD invested in and tested the High Energy Electromagnetic Field Generator theory from 2016 to 2019
  • They spent a little over $500K on the project, most of which went to salaries
  • No further research on this project has taken place since September of 2019

Their conclusion after several years of testing may come as a disappointment to many. NAWCAD determined that “the ‘Pais Effect’ could not be proven.” Pais transferred to a different department in the Navy in 2019 and this year transferred to the Air Force.

The War Zone has spoken to numerous subject matter experts over the past couple of years and every single one of them said that the Pais effect was not grounded in scientific reality, despite the inventor assuring us that he would someday be proven correct. That doesn’t mean that this was all a waste of time, however. It’s good that people are thinking beyond the limits of our current understanding of physics and trying to break new ground. That’s the only way that real breakthroughs ever take place.

So does this mean that the Pentagon really isn’t sitting on some recovered alien technology and attempting to reverse engineer it? Who can say? That’s one possible explanation. Another is that any ET tech that may have been recovered is simply too far beyond our grasp to fully understand or replicate yet. Or maybe the aliens just build really crappy flying saucers. That doesn’t mean we should stop asking questions and looking for answers, however.