Given what’s been transpiring out on the streets of our major cities over the past several nights, I’m honestly surprised that we haven’t seen more of this. The story in question takes place in Philadelphia, another metropolitan center that’s been under siege with riots, arson and looting going on under the pretense of protesting racism.

Early yesterday morning, well before dawn, 67-year-old Greg Isabella was facing a dangerous situation. He’s the owner of a gun store in the City of Brotherly Love and he had taken to spending the night in his shop because rioters had already been attempting to break into his place of business. This time they succeeded, using bolt cutters to break through his back gate before breaking down one of his doors and entering. They made their way upstairs to a room where Isabella was waiting for them. One of the looters pointed a handgun at the shop owner. It turned out to be the last mistake he would ever make. (Washington Examiner)

A looter in Pennsylvania was met with deadly force by a gun store owner after attempting to steal from his shop.

Early Tuesday morning, Greg Isabella, owner of Firing Line gun shop in Philadelphia, was forced to defend himself after a looter allegedly attempted to break into his business and pointed a handgun at him, according to authorities.

“One of the individuals that broke into the property, pointed a handgun at him,” said Chief Inspector Scott Smalls to local media. “And that’s when the store owner fired his own weapon — striking the one perpetrator at least one time in the head, and he collapsed, dropping his gun between his legs.”

We should first point out for the umpteenth time that if you’re the sort of person that thinks attempting to rob a gun shop is a nifty idea, you probably weren’t adding much to the gene pool in terms of IQ points anyway. This was just a classic case of Darwin in action. Isabella was holding an M-4 and was able to get off a shot to the head before the looter could get off a round with his handgun. The other burglars fled the building, apparently deciding that discretion was the better part of valor for the moment.

Thankfully, nobody is talking about filing any charges against the shop owner at this point, but city officials were definitely looking into it. The real disappointment was the initial reaction from both Mayor Jim Kenney and Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, both of whom we’ve dealt with here in the past. Kenney told the press that he was “deeply troubled” by these events. The Police Commissioner went further, saying “We do not endorse or condone any form of vigilante justice or taking the law into one’s own hands.”

Seriously? “Vigilante justice?” The guy was in his own shop by himself when multiple criminals broke into the building and one pointed a gun at him. What is it about this scenario that makes the term vigilante justice in any way appropriate? Mr. Isabella did not go out looking for trouble. Trouble came looking for him and he was ready for it.

Let’s not forget that Jim Kenney and Danielle Outlaw have been on a mission to “empty the jails” since well before the pandemic started. They were flooding the streets with criminals, many of whom are now clearly taking advantage of the mayhem in the streets to go out and enrich themselves while tearing down civil society. Perhaps they wouldn’t need to worry about whether or not a legitimate business owner shot an armed, predatory looter if they were doing their jobs, maintaining order and keeping the city’s residents and businesses safe from criminals.

There was no vigilante justice going on in the Firing Line gun shop on Tuesday morning. There was only justice. The precise form of justice that the city’s leaders are currently failing to provide for their law-abiding citizens.