Last week we talked about the rather casual way that the Pentagon re-released some interesting US Navy videos we’d already had for a couple of years and confirmed that UFOs are real. Were this any other period in modern history besides the current crapstorm sweeping the planet, this would have been a remarkable admission that fundamentally altered our perception of our place in the universe. As things are today, however, it seems like most of the media (and the public, for that matter) responded with a collective shrug. “We’re kind of busy figuring out how to fight the Murder Hornets while wearing surgical masks. Call us when the aliens are actually ready to attack, mate.

Not everyone just shrugged it off, however. The fact that these… things are flying around out there and that the government admits it opens the door to some obvious questions. Who, if anyone, is flying them? Who built them? Where did they come from? One scientist has been studying the available data from those encounters and has taken a rather radical plunge into the deep end of the pool with an answer. You may recall Canadian quantum physicist and tech CEO Deep Prasad, who I’ve interviewed here before. He’s had time to digest his findings and published an article at Medium where he proposes an answer to those questions. He concludes that we’re basically living in an alien playground and there are not one, but many species of advanced, non-human intelligence in our neighborhood. They may even be out there walking the streets with you and you wouldn’t even know it.

I’m just tossing this out there for your entertainment and to perhaps spur some discussion and speculation. I’m not saying you need to accept all of this. Heck, I’m not even sure I do. But it’s all just so fascinating. So let’s get into it. The whole article is digestible for the layman and worth a full read, but I’ll start by sharing a section where Deep explains that the aliens are here. And they’ve been here for a long time.

First of all I believe that Alien spacecraft crashed on Earth in different countries around the world from the 1940s onwards. Some of these crashes could not stay under wraps, hence embarrassments like Roswell. At first the generals involved had no idea what to do with the bodies or technology involved. All they knew was that this had to be kept absolutely top secret, and the nature of the situation immediately led to the greediest and most fearful but powerful of the bunch taking control. Overtime, it became well known fact in upper echelon military and tech circles that Aliens exist and sometimes bring technology to Earth that can also be theoretically reverse engineered for military/tactical purposes.

I’ll just acknowledge right off that bat that Deep sounds like he’s quoting some of the crustiest, ancient UFO conspiracy theories that have been making the rounds for ages. But I would also note that every conspiracy theory has to start somewhere, generally with a grain of truth. And some of them turn out to be true. But if I had to ask Deep one question about this portion of his theory it would be the following.

Let’s assume that some hyper-advanced alien species is out there somewhere and they’ve developed the technology required to journey between the stars, further assuming that they would find Earth interesting enough to visit. If they’re that advanced, how is it that they arrive here and suddenly start driving like a bunch of blue-haired Florida ladies and crashing into everything in sight? To be fair, he touches on that question later in the article, saying that “some ETs that are only slightly more advanced than us often get here in super worn down spaceships which need repair or can’t function well enough for a return trip.”

I’m guessing that means that the really advanced ones don’t crash. Fair enough. Let’s get back to this idea that it’s not just one group of aliens, but many. Here’s where Deep expands on that concept.

Just like with humans, Aliens come in a vast array of intent and motivations. With some groups looking to influence us when they get here, some to work with us as almost equals, and others who are completely indifferent to our existence. This means it’s not far fetched to imagine a world where some are flying around in fancy ships and never talk to us, while some are engaging with humans in very controlled environments such as military bases or remote locations owned by private corporations. Then others still are interacting with us in ways we probably can’t conceptualize so well.

That’s a lot to swallow in one bite, but since we’re engaging in some harmless contemplation of the possibilities, why not? As someone who follows the literature in ufology pretty closely, there do seem to be at least three different styles of craft being regularly reported. There are the old-school disks (flying saucers, if you prefer), the black triangles, and, of course, the now-infamous Tic Tacs. The latter have actually been reported for years, but described with different words and phrases, such as “cigar-shaped” or “tubular.” Perhaps they all belong to different species, each with their own agenda and level of technology. Hey… why not?

Finally, near the end of the article, Deep proposes that not only are the aliens visiting, but they have established bases here. Not just on Earth, but also on the moon.

Finally, tangible evidence exists of Alien bases that are inhabited by species a few hundred to maybe tens of thousands of years or more ahead of us. This evidence will be readily found the day a private space company like SpaceX goes to the dark side of the moon where there are multiple massive structures there that were not built by man. They existed before we even landed on the moon. Key people in NASA/DoD as well as high level officials from Russia and China are well aware of these non-human bases.

Just for the record, alien bases on the dark side of the moon is where I get off this bus and go looking for a stiff drink. Your mileage may vary.

But seriously… are there alien bases? Deep plans on finding out. Once this pandemic passes by, a group he’s working with is mounting an expedition out into the Pacific in an effort to not only track down some of these alien craft, but potentially hunt for a base of operations they’re coming from. I for one wish him nothing but the best of luck. If anyone out there is smart enough to do that, it’s Deep Prasad.

Anyway, as I suggested upfront, I offer all of this as only a conversation starter for everyone during a tense time when we could use something besides the damned pandemic to talk about. If we’re willing to accept the reality of incredible vehicles in our airspace that violate all known laws of physics, why is the idea of some extraterrestrial pilots so far of a leap to make?