It’s election season once again, and everybody on the playing field has their own set of predictions, including yours truly. And since pretty much every one of them, along with two bucks, will get you a cup of coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts, we might as well air them out for examination. That includes this rather interesting hot take from Jon Cooper, head of the Democratic Coalition. He took to Twitter yesterday with a rather bold prediction, presumably while watching the impeachment hearings unfold. He’s assuring us that Donald Trump will resign from office before the House gets the chance to impeach him.

Cooper is enough of a player in the political game that his prediction was picked up at Newsweek, though perhaps not with the same level of enthusiasm he might have hoped for.

A leading Democratic organizer has predicted that the impeachment investigation could spell the end for President Donald Trump, by prompting either internal betrayal or forcing the commander in chief to hand the reins over to the vice president.

Jon Cooper, the chairman of the Democratic Coalition, suggested on Sunday that Trump is on very thin ice and—despite his stubborn promises to win re-election in 2020—may not even make it to the next presidential contest…

Cooper argued that the situation has become so dire that the president may not even be able to see out his full term.

Wow! When I wrote about a report from The Hill (unverified by anyone else) suggesting the President might have experienced “chest discomfort” over the weekend, I clearly missed an opportunity. Even I didn’t cook up the idea that the President was faking a heart problem to set up an excuse for him to resign. (And I’m the resident writer who covers UFOs, for Pete’s sake.)

Cooper didn’t stop there, by the way. He went on to declare that Vice President Mike Pence was probably already measuring the Oval Office for new drapes and would likely sabotage President Trump in the near future to hasten his exit.

Three things to understand about @VP Mike Pence,” Cooper wrote. First, he argued that the vice president “knows Trump is a lying, cheating, corrupt, traitorous criminal.” In addition, Pence’s own ambition make him a dangerous ally to have, Cooper added.

“He’d stab anyone in the back — and I mean ANYONE — to advance his political aspirations,” Cooper claimed. “He’s likely plotting behind the scenes right now to betray Trump.”

While anything is certainly possible in 2019, does any of this sound remotely like Donald Trump? He’s been baiting Nancy Pelosi for months, daring her to open impeachment proceedings. As far as Trump is concerned, this is a political winner for him that will backfire on the Democrats and he’s confident he’ll never be removed by the Senate. President Trump is never happier than when he’s fighting with his political opponents, and these proceedings keep his plate full all day long.

Walking away in the middle of the fight just isn’t his style. Further, lying about having a heart condition just to give him an excuse to leave is very far off-brand for him also. That would make him appear weak, at least physically, and he would despise that. If anything, as I suggested over the weekend, I could far more likely believe the opposite. If President Trump actually was having some sort of chest pains and wanted a doctor to check it out, I could see him misdirecting the public and saying it was just a routine checkup rather than giving the appearance of weakness.

There’s a new Trump theory available on cable news roughly every twelve seconds if you’re willing to sift through all the noise. But this is clearly one of the more “out there” ones we’ve run across this year. I wonder if Mr. Cooper has any hot tips for me on where the extraterrestrial bodies are hidden?