There’s a refreshing breath of fresh air over at the New York Times this week in the form of an editorial from columnist Jennifer Weiner. Her topic isn’t all that unusual. She’s discussing the fact that the audience at the World Series Game in Washington this week booed the President when he showed up. You would expect most of the MSM to cover that story heavily because it paints Donald Trump in an unfavorable light.

What’s unusual about Weiner’s column is that she openly admits that she watched the video of the booing multiple times, relishing it more and more as she went along. Again, this shouldn’t be in any way unexpected from a liberal columnist, but it’s rather shocking to see one of them admit it in print. After the confession, Weiner launches into what appears at first glance to be some sort of contrition.

It felt like medicine, like balm for a weary soul. It wasn’t until I’d watched the footage sped up, slowed down and from six angles and heard myself crooning, “Let me taste your tears!” that I started feeling a little sick, as if I’d gorged on Halloween candy.

I realized that I was gloating. It was not a pleasant realization…

The booing is fine. It’s my own reaction to the booing that troubles me — the joy I took from Mr. Trump’s pain and the example it sets for my kids.

If that small excerpt was all you saw of the column you might think that Weiner had reached a moment of self-realization and was on the path to redemption. Don’t be fooled, however. That may be what she’d like you to take away from this essay, but it’s far from the truth. I had to scrub 90% of the article to find those three brief paragraphs. The rest of the lengthy piece is actually a massive justification for why the President should be treated like trash and how Democrats and liberals are so much better.

Here’s just one of many examples.

We — Democrats, liberals, progressives, the resistance, whatever you call the other side — are supposed to be better than that. We’re supposed to be the party of the downtrodden and the less fortunate. While Republicans support the fat-cat billionaires, we stand up for the workers. While they put kids in cages, we work to reunite them with their families. When they build walls, we say, All are welcome here. For them, the cruelty is the point. For us, kindness matters. When they go low, we go high.

There’s plenty more where that came from. I’m not sure if this is a case of actual delusion or willful ignorance, but it’s an excellent example of how many of our liberal, intellectual betters see themselves. (Or at least claim to see themselves in public.) It’s not a question of differences in policy or your approach to good governance. Conservatives are simply bad people. They are evil and relish the pain they inflict on puppies. And it’s only right and proper that we treat them like garbage and relish their abuse.

But Ms. Weiner is worried about her own reaction, you see. That’s the entire point of the column if we’re to take her at her word. Treating the garbage Republicans like garbage is fine. They deserve it. But we can’t allow ourselves to enjoy abusing them, you see, or we’ll be just as bad as they are.

This is the attitude we’re dealing with in modern political debates and what shapes the reporting coming out of all the major liberal outlets. And Ms. Weiner has inadvertently provided a valuable nugget to add to the growing body of evidence of just how warped these people’s minds are.