Apologies in advance if this looks like a headline from the Babylon Bee, but it’s not. One Democratic member of the City Council for Atlantic City, New Jersey recently took community interaction to a new level on his Facebook page. I suppose he was trying to impress upon people the importance of staying focused and getting his work done for the citizens of the city, along with some of the challenges he encounters. Among those are apparently a need to finish his work each day before the drugs kick in. I’m sure we can all relate. (NJ.com)

Residents in Atlantic City are reacting to a post on a councilman’s Facebook page suggesting that he had been ingesting marijuana edibles.

“Everyday I try to get as much done as I can before these edibles hit me…Because once they do, it’s pretty much a done done.. Ima delete this in a minute..smh,” the Thursday post on the account of Atlantic City At-Large Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy II, a Democrat, read.

The post was later deleted, and another one appeared close to a half-hour later.

“I could care less..Everybody chill,” it read, apparently referencing comments he’d gotten in reaction to the post.

I was looking for some additional background information on the Councilman, including verifying his party affiliation, but there wasn’t a lot available. In fact, the only other “big” story I ran across was one from last year when he and the mayor of the city were arrested after getting into a brawl with some nightclub employees outside of one of the casinos. Here’s a brief video of the press trying to get some answers out of him after he entered a not guilty plea at his arraignment.

Perhaps inadvertently, the councilman is highlighting one issue that doesn’t draw a lot of attention in the marijuana legalization debate. In addition to the strength of marijuana being massively more potent than back in the day, so-called “edibles” can have very high concentrations of THC. Before you chow down on one, you really have no idea how stoned you are going to get because it’s very different than knowing how many glasses of wine you can drink before you’re impaired. Eating it while you’re supposed to be attending to your government job probably isn’t wise in any event, but it’s a factor to consider.

New Jersey is currently taking a fresh look at another attempt to legalize marijuana in the state for recreational use. Medical marijuana is already available. So I’m guessing that Councilman Fauntleroy has a medical pot card?

It must be a fairly serious condition he’s fighting if he has to take marijuana edibles every day while he’s at work. (Anger management, explaining the brawl outside the casino, perhaps?) But hopefully, he manages to get all of his tasks accomplished quickly and in a diligent fashion. We wouldn’t want him making important decisions about the future of Atlantic City after his medicine “kicks in.” Because, you know… he’d just be pretty much done done.