I saw Allahpundit tweeting about this question yesterday but didn’t think it sounded realistic. The basic question is, would Jussie Smollett have the gargantuan brass cojones to actually try to sue somebody now that he’s been “vindicated” of faking a hate crime? I mean, yes… it’s 2019 and all so you can never rule out aliens landing on the White House lawn and finally turning over the real killers in the O.J. case, but this would be a bridge too far even for our Bizzaro World politics today. Right?

Just goes to show you what I know. His lawyer was asked about the possibility of a lawsuit and, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, they’re saying that it’s not off the table. (NY Post)

A lawyer for Jussie Smollett on Wednesday left open the possibility that the “Empire” star — who Chicago prosecutors acknowledged had lied about being a hate crime victim — may now sue over the alleged attack.

Tina Glandian appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” to address prosecutors’ stunning decision the day before to drop all 16 felony counts against the actor. “We’re weighing our options now,” Glandian said in response to co-host George Stephanopoulos’ question, “Are you going to sue?”

“For Jussie, what’s really important is he really just wants his career and his life back,” the lawyer continued. “Again, he did not ask for any of this, he was a victim of a crime.”

I am once again limited by site standards and normal propriety to only being able to react with Twitter acronyms. AYFKM? This guy just pulled off one of the biggest legal scams ever seen – even in a place as corrupt as Chicago – and the entire marginally sane population of the world knows it. And he’s willing to suggest that he might bring a lawsuit?

Also, precisely who does he plan to sue? The two Nigerian brothers? After he threw them under the bus and said he was ready to sign a criminal complaint against them, I’d love to see how that would work out. In fact, I’m kind of amazed that we haven’t heard from them yet after yesterday’s fiasco.

So who else is there? Is he going to sue the cops for failing to stop him from attempting this stunt in time? The police spent a vast pool of resources immediately investigating this “crime” as soon as he reported it. They tracked down the movements of the two “assailants” on video and even had them purchasing the goods used in the stunt. And they arrested them as soon as was physically possible.

Who else could he be thinking of suing? The network for firing him from the show? Subway for not making bleach-proof sandwiches?

People ask me why so many of my social media posts involve drinking martinis. This story is why.