Is there an unexpected entry in the 2020 Democratic primary circus preparing to step into the center ring? People who have been carefully monitoring ad buys by potential candidates noticed something rather unusual this week. There were a number of list-building Facebook advertisements showing up in key swing states and they were paid for by the newly inaugurated Governor of California, Gavin Newsom. Considering that he’s barely had time to find all the bathrooms in the governor’s mansion, that’s a rather unusual move. (Ntk Network)

The newly sworn-in governor of California, Gavin Newsom (D-CA), ran Facebook ads in Ohio, Florida, and other swing states from January 12 to 16 that were focused on list building, according to the progressive digital firm ACRONYM.

“And the big find from this week: Newly-elected California Governor @GavinNewsom was running hundreds of list-building ads in Ohio, Florida, and other swing states from Jan 12-16,” the ACRONYM Twitter account tweeted on Friday.

The tweet included screenshots of the Facebook posts that Newsom boosted with ad money. One of the posts was focused on attacking President Trump for his border wall, while another focused on universal health care.

It’s worth noting that Newsom has repeatedly said that he didn’t have any plans to run in 2020 and he’s committed to serving his full four-year term as governor. How much is that declaration worth? Let’s remember that’s been less than three months since Kirsten Gillibrand solemnly stated during a debate that she would serve her full six years in the Senate and she just launched her own presidential bid.

Newsom would be an interesting entry because of his very far-left standing in the progressive community, his youth, and his history as an early, controversial figure in the gay marriage debate. (As Mayor of San Francisco, Newsom issued marriage licenses to gay couples long before it was legal anywhere.) But he also has the problem of being yet another straight, white male potentially jumping into the nomination battle. That’s not the demographic the left’s base is looking for or Joe Biden would already be the nominee in waiting.

One other popcorn aspect of this story is the question of his spouse. Let’s just say for a moment that Newsom is not only getting into the race but he wins the nomination and then the general election. His wife already declared that she’s the “First Partner” of California instead of the First Lady. Would she stick with that choice as FLOTUS?

If you thought American politics was about to return to normal (whatever that means these days), don’t get your hopes up. We’re in for a long, bumpy ride.