At some point, PETA is going to run out of crazy ideas or perceived enemies to target and simply get on with their lives. But I’m here to assure you, my friends, today is not that day. Out in San Jose, California, the group has selected a new group as a target for their wrath, but it’s not one you’d generally expect to find on the enemies list. They’re going after feminists. But not just any feminists, mind you. They’re targeting feminists who eat eggs. (CBS, San Francisco)

A billboard with a strange message connecting feminists, eggs, and animal rights is turning heads in the South Bay, but turning some women off.

It was put up by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, and it basically says ‘you can’t eat eggs and still consider yourself a feminist.’

It’s often been PETA’s strategy to be provocative. The idea is that it’s okay to say something a little outlandish or a little offensive, or just out of left field, if it brings attention to your cause, which in this case is the ethical treatment of animals in the farm industry.

A new ad campaign, titled ‘You Can’t be an Egg-Eating Feminist,’ is definitely in keeping with the tradition of being provocative.

So that’s the new ad campaign. “You can’t eat eggs and still consider yourself a feminist.” I don’t want you to think about that for too long or your head will explode. But bear with me here because we’re going to see if we can’t translate this into English.

In order to get a little closer to the target, we need to scan down to the second heading for the campaign. “Eggs and Dairy Are a Product of the Abuse of Females.”

I see. So you’re talking about female… chickens? Is that right? The local CBS outlet tracked down Anna Moore, a self-proclaimed feminist, to get her take on the billboard.

I was shocked that they actually put that up there. Like, I thought it was actually really stupid. It just seemed really ignorant honestly.”

Perhaps before they became targets themselves, some of these feminists hadn’t been paying much attention to PETA except when they come out with their naked models working on the Fur is Murder campaign (or whatever it’s called.) But if they had, they might have realized that this campaign isn’t out of the ordinary for PETA at all. None of their sloganeering makes any sense. It’s all done for shock value and meant to drive up donations.

Hens are female chickens, but no amount of clever advertising is going to make that the equivalent of “the abuse of females” in the #MeToo moment. They’re still chickens. They’re delicious, and so are their eggs. But hey… if PETA wants to turn off a significant portion of what should otherwise be their natural base of support, let’s give them all the room to run they could ask for.