Some days it’s a case of “third time’s a charm.” When it comes to Calexit it’s probably more like “seventeenth time might be a charm.” Either way, after a number of proposals to have California either secede from the nation or break up into some number of smaller states, a new plan has been put forward which would do both. Under the plan posted at Yes California, the Golden State would first exit the union and then split in two, with a large chunk of the eastern portion being calved off to form a new, autonomous Native American state. Needless to say, the wet blankets at the Los Angeles Times editorial board are throwing cold water all over the idea.

The two guys behind the secession effort that came to be known as “Calexit” just won’t give up. They are back pushing another ill-conceived ballot proposal. Incredibly, it’s even worse than their previous versions.

Now, not only do they want California to leave the United States, but they also want to split the state into two pieces. It’s a secession/breakup double whammy. The eastern half of California would be broken off to form a new autonomous Native American territory.

What is it about the Golden State that makes nutty people want to mess with its geography in ill-thought-out ways? Another bad breakup plan would have turned California into three states. It was pulled from the November ballot by the California Supreme Court, which is considering the constitutionality of the measure. It’s still possible that the “Three Californias” measure could be cleared for the 2020 ballot. It’s also possible, though we hope not likely, that the Calexit secession/breakup boondoggle will also be on the ballot.

Regardless of the naysayers at the LA Times, I think this sounds like a fabulous idea. Why? Well… okay, I don’t actually have any good arguments in favor of it. I just want to be rid of California and the endless problems they cause. I tried pitching my own Calexit proposal to Sacramento a while back but was informed that it had a number of supposed flaws.

  • There isn’t currently enough dynamite on the planet to actually blast the entire state free from the North American continent.
  • Even if we could it would probably break apart or tip over.
  • We would also have to blast it free of Mexico which would likely require some sort of treaty with them.
  • It was suggested that I “probably shouldn’t start drinking so early in the day” when working on national restructuring plans.

All joking aside (or at least most joking), here’s the amazing part. Whenever one of these Calexit plans comes up, its backers somehow seem to be able to gather hundreds of thousands of signatures to get it on the ballot. Apparently, there is a measurable portion of the population who would be willing to pack their things and exit stage left. Given the attitude most of them have toward President Trump, do they really want to remain part of this deplorable nation anyway? And if that’s the case, perhaps there are enough persuadable voters to make this happen. If so, shouldn’t we be supporting them?