If the Democrats take back the House of Representatives this fall (still a major “if” in my book) Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has already indicated that she’d like another turn with the gavel as Speaker. Hard to blame her since she’s got some first-hand experience at the job. But that’s a slot which requires national support, not just popularity in a single district or state. Is Pelosi really enough of an attraction across the land?

As the Free Beacon reports, even the newscasters in her own district don’t think so. A rather embarrassing segment on the local NBC outlet in her hometown featured a quick look at Pelosi’s approval numbers. Their anchor explains that there’s a good reason people might not want Nancy back as Speaker. You see, people really don’t like her.

Scott McGrew, an anchor and reporter for NBC’s San Francisco affiliate, on Wednesday said President Donald Trump is “far more liked” by Americans than House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.).

McGrew reported on Pelosi’s announcement Tuesday about her plans to run for House Speaker if the Democrats regain the majority in the House of Representatives after the midterm elections this fall.

“This may not be good news for Democrats. Republicans use Pelosi as a cudgel in their ads to convince people not to vote for Democrats, and they’re not wrong [to do so],” McGrew said. “We might like Nancy Pelosi in the Bay Area, but America doesn’t.”

Here’s the video.

McGrew went on to list some other people and organizations that are more popular than Pelosi, including the NRA, Paul Ryan and Donald Trump. With that in mind I got to wondering who and what else might stack up against Pelosi, either more or less favorably.

Pelosi’s popularity in a recent Wall Street Journal poll is sitting at 21% nationally. According to the latest Pew Research numbers on American approval of 14 “institutions” (in a rather generic application of the word) Pelosi is more popular than only Congress and “news on the internet.” She’s ten points less popular than New Jersey, which turns out to be the most disliked state in America. As far as countries go, Pelosi is more popular than North Korea (though that may change soon) but she’s seven points less popular than Russia.

Pelosi can take some comfort in the fact that she’s at least equally as popular as Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy, the least popular governor in the country. Unfortunately, she’s still a full twelve points behind Jeff Flake, the least popular senator in the country. If we were forced to treat Pelosi as a celebrity, she’s less popular than the most vandalized entry on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (That would be Donald Trump’s. The most popular one is Marilyn Monroe.) If we tried to rebrand Nancy Pelosi as a fast food chain, she would still come in seven points lower than McDonald’s, the least popular fast food brand in the country. (Which speaks to our love/hate relationship with our food because it’s also the most popular by volume in sales.)

So with all this data to draw on, how do we explain the fact that she’s been elected to her office without fail since 1987? Looking at her approval numbers, she shouldn’t be able to get anyone to buy a hot dog from her on a street cart, say nothing of cast a vote for her in any sort of election. The answer is that we’re talking about San Francisco. Plenty of things are popular there which would send citizens in more normal parts of the country screaming for the exits. Where do you think goat yoga came from? (Okay, it really started in Michigan but San Francisco picked it up pretty fast.)