Much like Google, Amazon is everywhere. Perhaps you have one of those Echo devices in your house or apartment already. It’s always listening and ready to serve. It can play your favorite music, dim the lights, replay your voicemails… pretty much anything along those lines. With the right connections to the Internet of Things it can even tell you how many beers you have left in your smart refrigerator. But you still have to get up and go get one yourself, not to mention a host of other tedious chores.

Those days may be coming to an end. If you were crazy enough to install one of those Artificial Intelligence spies in your home you probably won’t hesitate to take the plunge and move up to the next level. Amazon is working on an actual robot to act as your personal home assistant. (Or more likely “slave” if you prefer.) No doubt it will tie into Echo and all their other services, anticipating your every need. (CBS San Francisco)

Another futuristic Silicon Valley innovation may be taking shape at an Amazon research facility in Sunnyvale were the company reportedly has a secret mission involving the development of household robots.

The robots are reportedly being developed at Amazons Lab 126…

Bloomberg put out a report early Monday morning titled, “Amazon Has A Top-Secret Plan To Build Home Robots.”

Citing unnamed sources, they said the project has been dubbed “Westa” after the Roman goddess of hearth, home and family.

This is still a completely hush-hush project and Amazon doesn’t want to discuss it. The CBS crew from the linked article who showed up at Amazon’s labs in Sunnyvale were met by a team of security guards who told them they couldn’t even point their cameras at the building. Police had to be called to inform the Amazon folks that the crew was on a public sidewalk and could film what they liked.

Why so secretive? Sure, we get that you want to protect your industrial secrets and intellectual property, but this is bordering on paranoid. So what is the robot supposed to look like and what will it be able to do? If it’s capable of moving packages or even furniture around the house it’s got to be pretty strong, right? So what happens when your digital assistant makes a mistake? Or worse, when it finally gets smart enough to realize that you’re kind of a jerk as a boss? Now you’ve got a muscular robot in your living room with a working map of your entire place, the ability to shut off your wifi (and probably your phone) and lock all your doors.

Still not getting nervous? Remember the robot dog from Boston Dynamics? Here’s a reminder, just so you know how freaky things are going to get.