Will she or won’t she? Only her hair dresser knows.

Elizabeth Warren was the source of endless speculation during the early stages of the 2016 election, with many far left liberals not just hoping, but praying that she would jump into the race. (Given how things worked out for Hillary Clinton and her secret email server, it probably wouldn’t have been a bad idea for them. I mean, how much worse could Warren have done?) Now that the crying is mostly over from that race, Warren’s fans still want to know if she’s going to be learning anything from that experience and preparing to challenge Trump in a couple of years. This week, at a town hall meeting in Revere, they received their answer. Sort of. (CBS Boston)

Outside, supporters of one of Senator Warren’s republican reelection opponents spread their message saying candidate Geoff Diehl will concentrate more on local issues.

“She’s running for president. This is just, she’s taking us for granted, just sees this as a pit stop on her way to national office,” said

Back inside a supporter expressed hope she would run. So what about it?

“We can’t just play this game of once every four years and getting focused there. We need to focus on the fights in front of us. I’m doing my job every single day,” Warren said. “I am not running for president, I’m doing my work.”

So that’s it, right? She’s out. You heard it from the Senator’s own lips. Or did you?

Firsts of all, she’s a politician so all statements have expiration dates built into them which can be blamed on shifting circumstances. It’s not as if she was speaking under oath. But she doesn’t really even need to do a flip-flop here. Warren was speaking in the present tense. “I am not running…” is actually only definitive for the moment at which she was speaking. So on that day, she wasn’t running for president. Tomorrow might be a different story.

Warren just turned 68 in June. By the time the election rolls around in 2020 she will be 71 years old. Coincidentally, that’s how hold Donald Trump is now. (The two of them are three years and eight days apart in age.) There was a time when that might have been considered a prohibitive factor, but these days all bets are off. Other than that there’s really nothing much holding her back if she seriously wants to do this. (Though the oppo research opportunities might be great fun.) But for now, I wouldn’t take her answer at the town hall as being anything other than a definite maybe.