How many more of these dominoes need to fall before the highest level of Democrat controlled New York State government is definitively wrapped up in the ongoing corruption investigations? This saga has been dragging out since last year, with US Attorney Preet Bharara saying this summer that it definitely looked like there is corruption in the executive branch. For his part, Governor Andrew Cuomo was unusually frank when he responded by saying that it’s unrealistic to expect that there wouldn’t be any corruption in an organization this size. His words seem to have been proven true yet again this week as another top adviser to the Governor was forced to resign amid growing stories of corruption involving billions of dollars in taxpayer funds. (AT&T Live News)

The leader of a New York state research institute has resigned after being charged in a bribery and bid-rigging case that has shaken the administration of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

SUNY Polytechnic Institute President Alain Kaloyeros announced his decision in a letter to SUNY officials Monday. His attorney, Mike Miller, said Tuesday that Kaloyeros left his position because he didn’t want his criminal charges to become a distraction to his colleagues.

“Dr. Kaloyeros is proud of all that SUNY Poly has accomplished during his tenure as president and the amazing work of the students, faculty, and staff,” Miller said in a statement. “Dr. Kaloyeros is innocent of the charges filed against him and looks forward to being exonerated when the cases have run their course.”

Kaloyeros faces state and federal charges that allege he steered lucrative state contracts to hand-picked companies.

This latest chapter in the sordid story once again revolves around the so called Buffalo Billion which Andrew Cuomo originally cited as being a major jobs and infrastructure development program for upstate New York. Kaloyeros was the president of the State University of New York (SUNY) Polytechnic Institute, but was also a key player in Cuomo’s projects, acting as an adviser on economic development matters. He was definitely giving out a lot of advice, but if the allegations are true, much of it consisted of steering massive, lucrative contracts to well placed developers who were in tight with the Albany elite.

Governor Cuomo is the son of another New York Governor (Mario) and brother of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. (That’s a convenient relationship if I’ve ever seen one.) The Cuomo dynasty is legendary in Empire State politics and not always for their positive contributions. Cuomo was the State Attorney General before moving into the Governor’s mansion and it’s long been known that he had visions of running for President. It’s difficult to imagine that now with one scandal after another embroiling his office. At this rate he’ll be lucky to avoid going on trial before he next runs for reelection in 2018. But let’s remember that this is New York and the Democratic Party pretty much owns the capitol lock, stock and two smoking barrels. The sad thing is that he’ll probably win if he’s not in jail.

Andrew Cuomo