Oh, come on. You didn’t think it was going to end any differently, did you?

One of the last issues to be resolved after all of Hillary Clinton’s emails are released is what to do about the Top Secret ones which the public will never see. The obvious question for the FBI to deal with is if there was any wrongdoing which would further add to a potential criminal case. But nothing can happen until the State Department finishes evaluating the super secret material and determine if it was classified at birth and if it represented a threat to national security and a violation of the rules. When will they finish that evaluation? According to a State Department spokesperson yesterdaydon’t rush us. (GOP.com… video to follow)

MATT LEE: “He does have a point, maybe it shouldn’t be driven by political deadlines so that the results of the review that the State Department is responsible for come out after the election but maybe it should be driven by wanting to get it out before the election. In fact, as soon as possible. Can you commit to getting the results of this review into the top secret into the classified the one that he’s talking about before there is a general election in this country.”

STATE DEPARTMENT SPOKESMAN JOHN KIRBY: “I’m not going to commit to a specific timeline. The secretary wants this review to be done thoroughly, and accurately and efficiently and he’s not going to allow himself, or the process or the department to be driven by the political calendar on this. The argument that we should be ever mindful of that, and while I don’t agree with the logic, I understand where you are coming from. The counter logic to that would be is that we are politicizing what needs to remain a completely apolitical process here. What the American people have a right to know is how these things were handled, and how the state department has met our obligations in terms of properly preparing these documents for their release. There are other agencies involved.”

Hey, why should there be any sense of urgency to get this investigation finished just because the voters are evaluating the suspect as potentially being the next leader of the free world? According to Kirby, you want investigators to have the leeway to look at things as deeply and as thoroughly as you need to. Yes indeed. And it sounds like this is going to be a very deep and very thorough investigation. For all we know, it might take until next February. Let’s go to the video.

So what happens if Hillary Clinton actually is elected President and they then come back with a finding which should lead to prosecution? Let’s not be silly. After the election is over, Barack Obama has more than two months to issue an unconditional, full pardon to anyone he wants. It would spare the nation the pain of going through something messy like that.

Sound crazy? Then you’re probably too young to remember the first days of President Gerald Ford.