Since this was the week of the debate from H. E. Double Toothpicks we decided to talk to a couple of people who dwell on the debates extensively and see how bad they really are and what could be done to improve them. (These were actually recorded before the CNBC debacle, so it’s more in terms of what there might be left to salvage between now and the bitter end.) We talk to CNN political analyst S.E. Cupp as well as Mickey White, co-host of The Jim and Mickey Show (TJAMS) along with Jim Geraghty. Everyone seems a lot more cheerful than me about them, but I tend to be a cynic anyway. We explore why the debates haven’t saved Carly Fiorina thus far nor sunk Jeb Bush. (Entirely, anyway.)

This one was spun together in two pars so it’s a bit different than our usual format. Bear with us.

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