Normally the launch of a new television show wouldn’t merit much space at Hot Air (unless it’s The Walking Dead, of course) but there’s something coming down the pike which I’m guessing a lot of you will enjoy and want to keep up with. Greg Gutfeld of Redeye and The Five fame, is getting a new show on Fox News on Sundays and it promises to be the kind of fun you don’t see all that often on the conservative side of the television spectrum. (From Fox)

Greg Gutfeld will host the new FOX News Channel program “The Greg Gutfeld Show.”

Gutfeld will continue to appear on “The Five” as he takes on his new gig as the solo host of the new, one-hour program.

“Every host of a new show likes to say they’re breaking new ground,” Gutfeld said in a press release. “So why should I be any different. This show will forever change the way you watch television, plus guests provide their own transportation.”

The new show will include parodies of current events and feature interviews with newsmakers, media personalities and culture critics.

Greg is hilarious, with a proven track record for being sharp and witty. (You should be following him on Twitter if you don’t already.) I think Redeye missed out on a lot of the audience it might have garnered because of the odd time slot, while The Five has been a solid ratings performer. I have Greg’s latest book, Not Cool, and it lives up to his other work. There’s always a temptation to refer to Gutfeld as “the conservative Jon Stewart” but that really doesn’t do him justice. He tackles many of the same subjects and is a master of satire, but the “feel” of his work is distinctly different from The Daily Show. I’d expect that tradition to continue with his new show.

For a taste of Greg’s style (on the odd chance any of you don’t already know him) he did a great interview with The Blaze last year talking about Not Cool. Here’s his take on hipsters:

By the way this isn’t about fashion. I think a lot of people mistake – because when you use the word “hipster” – they think of the goatees and the nose rings. But it’s not about that. It’s about a mindset. I’d say the Brooklyn hipster is probably a sub-segment of this kind of destructive academia-media-government complex. But it’s more about an idea than it is a person. And it’s a destructive one. And it’s always about undermining tradition in all parts of life.

I mean you see it right now I think in foreign policy. You know what happens when a person, an educated person, has spent most of his life being educated that your country, the United States, is the villain. Their exceptionalism is what’s wrong with the world, and if we only retreated and fixed what was inside of us, the world would appreciate it. The world would be a better place. And the world would be a better place primarily because we’re not there.

And so, what is the consequence of that? There’s not much of a consequence if that person stays on campus. But when that person leaves campus and enters the White House, does that have an effect? The idea that somehow America is equally to blame, if not more to blame for the world’s problems, that that somehow must infect the way you think about how to deal with things like Russia, or Venezuela, or Iran…it makes you “lead from behind.” Which in some ways means you don’t lead at all.

The new show kicks off at the end of the month. Check your local listings.