Welcome to 2015! I hope that everyone had an enjoyable, but safe evening, and that those of you who enjoy imbibing a few adult beverages aren’t too far down in the dumps this morning. (The Mrs. and I had a couple of glasses of champagne at home and went to bed well before the ball dropped as usual.) If you view the dawn of the new year as an opportunity for a fresh start, I wish you the best. If, like me, it tends to be just another day on the calendar, at least you can take some time off. The Hot Air crew will also be enjoying some time with family and friends today, so those of you who wish to hang out here may consider this your open thread to discuss whatever trips your collective triggers. But here are a few stories which are still percolating in the newsosphere to get you started.

Only half a century after everyone else on the planet, the Supreme Court is going to begin making its briefs and filings available online… by some time in 2016.

Harper-Collins may have some explaining to do after it was noticed that they published an English language atlas in Arab countries which literally wiped Israel off the map. (For what it’s worth, I have an atlas which only shows the area as “Palestine” but it was published in 1936.)


More non-violent protesters storm a police station in St. Louis.

#SMOD only missed New York City by a fraction last night.

That should be good for a start. Happy New Year, folks. Looking forward to a newsy 2015.