A rather strained moment popped up on CNN yesterday, captured by Bridget Johnson at PJ Media. Host Don Lemon brought on recently victorious Senator Tim Scott (R – S.C.) to congratulate him on his win and discuss a few of the issues Scott will be focusing on in the upcoming term. But he also took the conversation down a couple of rabbit holes, first trying to get Scott to comment on why the NAACP had failed to call and congratulate either him or Representative-elect Mia Love (R – Utah 4) following the election. On this, as well as the rest of the questions during the interview, Tim Scott presented a pitch perfect template for how to reply when the media seeks to start a food fight between Republicans over race.

“I can’t really explain what’s happening with the NAACP and who they congratulate and who they don’t,” Scott said in response to the organization not congratulating him on his historic win.

From there, he went on to discuss the issues which affect low income and working class Americans of any race and what he hoped to do to help. Toward the end of the interview (video below… skip to the last minute for this) Lemon dragged out the apparently inevitable question on CNN, telling Scott that “a lot of people must be asking you this” and asking if he would be considering a run for the presidency. Scott hits this one out of the park as well.

“I once thought about running for the presidency of my homeowners’ association; I didn’t have the votes,” he responded.

“I think I might stay in the Senate for at least another term, maybe go into ministry after that.”

Tim Scott was outstanding throughout this entire Q&A, but Lemon demonstrates just how sad the media landscape has become. Who are these lots of people who are asking Tim Scott to run for the White House? Outside of media talking heads, I’m not hearing it. And didn’t we already try that in fairly recent history? Do we really want to push another first term senator to run for the White House before even giving them a chance to test run their ideas in the legislative branch and endure a bit of wear and tear that office brings?

Scott’s initial response was to laugh at the question. Everyone else should probably do the same. Here’s the video.