This is a sad tale which I’m a bit surprised didn’t pop up a little earlier in the cycle. Apparently John Roberts has had quite the time trying to get an interview with Georgia Democrat Senate candidate Michelle Nunn. And by “hard time” I mean to say… she flatly refused.

Fox News’ John Roberts said Sunday that he has not been granted an interview with the Democratic candidate in the Georgia Senate race despite repeated requests, and was even removed as a moderator for a debate after her campaign complained.

Roberts said on “Media Buzz” that he has attempted to interview Michelle Nunn for months, but has gotten nowhere. He said Fox News has even gone to Nunn’s campaign headquarters, but was still denied.

“For some reason, the Nunn campaign just does not want to talk to Fox News, even though we have been reaching out to them in various ways since about the month of April,” he said.

Roberts also said that he was removed as a moderator for a planned debate between Nunn and her Republican rival David Perdue because Nunn’s campaign complained.

There’s a bit of a disconnect here. Michelle Nunn has gone to great lengths to assure everyone that she is one of those moderate Democrats. She’s not blindly loyal to her party. In fact, she’s gone to such great lengths to distance herself from the President that she can barely remember his name. She wants to reach across the aisle and represent all the citizens of Georgia, even on points where they may disagree.

But I think most voters would agree that there is a bit of a divide between the typical audience of Fox News and that of CBS or MSNBC. If you want to reach out to all your constituents, get your message to them and open a dialogue, wouldn’t you want to do all of these shows?

Michelle Nunn’s actions speak louder than her words. If she were really a specimen of that rare species of independent, moderate politicians, she’d be doing all of these shows. But running away from Roberts is essentially the same as running away from the voters. Let’s see how much trust they want to put in her tomorrow.