Angelo Carusone is probably one of the most famous people you’ve never heard of. A prolific warrior for disaffected minorities and the underserved liberal masses, Carusone is the founder of Stop Rush. (As in Limbaugh.) He was also a guiding force behind the parallel Stop Beck effort. The recipient of massive financial support from George Soros, Carusone went on to become the Executive Vice President of Media Matters, acting as a tireless champion of both racial minorities and LGBT citizens and fighting the regressive, hateful conservative movement.

In light of all this, it may turn out to be rather curious that The Daily Caller has dug up a few examples of Mr. Carusone’s less widely read work which carries, shall we say, a decidedly different tone.

A top executive at Media Matters for America and the principal activist in the “Stop Rush” campaign made racist and anti-Semitic comments and disparaged “trannies” on a dormant blog that he wrote just several years prior to his prominent liberal activism career.

Blog entries reviewed by The Daily Caller show that Angelo Carusone made derogatory remarks about ethnic groups and used language to insult “trannies” and ugly “gays” that would be considered hate speech by his own organization.

Perhaps he just had a change of heart? You never know. Sometimes people’s attitudes evolve over time. And really, how bad could it have been? Maybe the Daily Caller is misinterpreting some items which could be taken any number of ways. Let’s take a look at an example.


See? How can we possibly know what Angelo meant by that? Sure, the quote came from a article with the title, “Tranny Paradise” which sounds bad at first glance, but I’m guessing that’s also the name of a U-Pull It auto junkyard that specializes in transmissions for muscle cars. And his negative comments about Bangladesh men could have been a commentary on the regressive economic policies of the country and their problematic relationship with Burma. Right?