The former First Lady / Senator / SecState sat down with Diane Sawyer for an interview which aired on ABC’s This Week today. Much of the discussion was, of course, about flogging her new book her predestined possible 2016 Presidential bid, but in a shocking moment of interest in actual events of relevance, Sawyer asked her about the pending hearings on Benghazi. The answer was informative, though not in a direct fashion.

The full clip seems to be in hiding, currently, but the Wall St. Journal captures the essence of it.

Mrs. Clinton was noncommittal about whether she might testify in a new round of House hearings about the attack at a diplomatic facility that took place on her watch.

She suggested she might testify if she was persuaded that Congress was conducting the hearings in the spirit of trying “to figure out what we can do better.”

When the video becomes available, rest assured it will show up here. But the direct quotes were tossed off in such a casual fashion – given the topic – that it was rather off putting. The general attitude was one of somebody out at the grocery store looking over the lettuce. Well… I might pick some up. It depends how it looks.

It really was remarkable. She seemed prepared to look over the hearings from afar, come to her own conclusion as to whether they were “political” in nature, or if they were truly going to “fix problems” and make sure this “never happens again.”

Noble sentiments to be sure, but the viewer was left with one question… What if they subpoena you?

In the meanwhile, here’s a part of the video where she manages to dance around Obama’s decision to make the Taliban 5 deal, distancing herself from the mess while still sneaking in a plug for her book. (Dollar bills, y’all!)

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