Forget all that pandering you’ve heard about Republican gains during this mid-term election cycle. It’s clearly just more propaganda from the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy… sound and fury without substance. The real news is apparently that the Democrats are ready to take back control of the House of Representatives. That could be difficult, what with all of that heavy duty conservative money – which they hate to see in politics – lined up against them But they’re hard at work countering it… with big money of their own.

Enter the House Majority PAC. They’re busy raising money and stepping into congressional races. This should spell big trouble for the Republicans I bet. Let’s check in and see how they’ve been doing so far.

Back in December, they jumped in to help out the campaign of Nick Rahall. This resulted in the campaign issuing false claims of an endorsement by the WV Chamber of Commerce so outlandish that the CoC had to issue a call themselves for a retraction. (You can read about the current, rather sorry state of the Rahall campaign here.)

In January, HMP decided to ride to the rescue of Ann Kirkpatrick in Arizona, developing an independent ad which took the curious tack of praising her for throwing Barack Obama under the bus. That one was far fetched enough that even CNN wasn’t buying it, and led to accusations that they had been coordinating with the Kirkpatrick campaign in violation of election laws.

In March, apparently feeling that they hadn’t “helped” quite enough, they jumped back into the Rahall campaign, this time pushing a heartwarming tale of a retired coal miner who admired Rahall’s record on energy. Unfortunately, only a few moments of checking showed that their chosen spokesperson was an elected Democrat official and paid union officer. From the other side of the fight, they next claimed that the Republican in the race opposed black lung benefits. Once again, a few moments of background investigation left unimpressed.

This past month, undeterred by their previous “success” stories, they decided to accuse Evan Jenkins, (the aforementioned Republican) of having taken contributions from Massey Energy, the company responsible for a previous coal mine collapse. Unfortunately those pesky things known as “facts” got in the way again, revealing that the contribution came from long before the incident in question, and (as a bonus) that Rahall was a shareholder in the company at the time of the disaster. Here’s a local video story of that particular debacle.

What’s next for the House Majority PAC? Only time will tell. But if you know of any GOP candidates out there locked in a tight House race, you might want to suggest that HMP check in and “help” out their opponents. They’ve clearly got the magic touch.