Unrest in the nation must be running high if people are looking for ways to pull up stakes and leave the union entirely. Some Texans petitioned the White House to break away in 2012, though not much came of the effort. Possibly my favorite breakaway story was that of the Conch Republic, which seceded from the US in 1982, immediately suing the government for $1B in war damages.

Despite the lack of success on the part of these previous efforts, they all had one thing in common. They weren’t looking to join up with any other nations, but rather to strike out on their own as a new, independent state. But not so the latest effort, reported by our colleagues at Town Hall, where a petition has been submitted to the White House to allow Alaska to secede from the United States and join up with Russia.

Some Alaskans apparently are not opposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent annexation of Crimea—in fact, they are hoping to be grabbed up next.

More than 30,000 Alaskans have signed the petition “Alaska back to Russia,” pleading that the White House allow them to secede and join their native land. If the request garners 100,000 signatures by April 20, the White House will make an official response.

I’m not entirely sure how to gauge the heat index for this idea among Alaskans. 30,000 signatures in New York City wouldn’t cover two city blocks, but in Alaska (population less than 3/4 million for the entire state) it starts to sound like an at least marginally beefy number. But are those folks all actually from Alaska? I only ask because I’m not sure how they screen the IP addresses for these things. In any event, perhaps they’d have drawn a bit more support if the originator had employed something that sounded a bit more like… English?

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Vote for secession of Alaska from the United States and joining Russia

On a second read, perhaps it was written by somebody who is a native Russian speaker with English as a second language. Either way, it’s a bit of a puzzler.

I can’t imagine why the rank and file Alaskan would have any interest in changing their status. Dropping out to join another country really only suggests two options. One, as the author offers, leaves you stuck with Vladimir Putin. The other? Canada… and the less said about that the better. The mainland US certainly has no incentive to lose Alaska either. It’s a strategically important location for a variety of reasons, not to mention being a key element in our energy infrastructure. Alaska is a treasure trove of natural wonders and a great tourist destination. On the other side of the balance sheet there is virtually nothing to argue in favor of losing them.

If this petition is coming from nothing more than a general dissatisfaction with either Barack Obama in particular or Washington in general, it’s a drastic overreaction. Obama will be gone soon enough, and if you don’t like the way things are going in DC, elect better people. But stick with the USA, Alaskans. While imperfect, it’s still the best (and pretty much only) game in town.