There are some interesting goings on to watch in Kentucky this year, mostly centering on the “centrist” Democrat Governor, Steve Beshear. Nearing the end of his second time in the Governor’s mansion, he’s term limited from seeking another four years. Some little birds in local politics have whispered in our ears, indicating that Beshear is looking for a place to land after that and is hoping for an appointment in Washington from Barack Obama. Of course, that’s a bit different face than the Governor showed after winning his last election, when he promised a lean government, an ability to work with Republicans and distanced himself from Obama as much as possible.

Beshear, who made few campaign promises in 2011, promised a “lean and efficient” government in the next four years…

[Republican candidate David] Williams tried to link Beshear with President Barack Obama, who is highly unpopular in Kentucky, and claimed that Beshear had no agenda, but the message did not stick.

Political observers said the candidates’ running mates had little effect on the race.

But that was then and this is now. With an eye to the future, one would think that Beshear and Barack Obama are BFFs after the State of the Union address where he was singled out for his excellent work on Obamacare.

“To see the impact this law is having, just talk to Governor Steve Beshear of Kentucky…He’s like a man possessed when it comes to covering his Commonwealth’s families…Steve’s right. That’s why tonight I ask every American who knows someone without health insurance, tell them to get covered by March 31st.”

Not only that, with the threat of election defeat behind him, Beshear has also been reaching out to the EPA, with policies on the table which are very dangerous to the coal economy of Kentucky.

But it’s disappointing that the state Chamber of Commerce, which represents 92,000 Kentucky businesses, is opposing Beshear administration overtures to the Environmental Protection Agency aimed at protecting Kentuckians from huge increases in electric power costs…

At issue are white papers issued last year by state Environment and Energy Secretary Len Peters that lay out options for federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions. The EPA has already issued rules for new power plants and is due to issue regulations for existing power plants by June.

This all certainly seems very convenient for Governor Beshear in terms of cozying up to the White House and getting a high profile shout out at the SOTU. And it may just land him a job further down the line. But what happens to the people of his state who are left behind? They get stuck with the wreckage of Obamacare and more jobs leaving the state as the EPA decimates the energy industry there.

The leopard seems to be changing his spots rather quickly here. Keep this name in your Google search drawer and remember this if he shows up with a plush new job in the Obama administration.