I’ll confess that I’ve been a bit skeptical of the entire “crowdsourcing” thing thus far, as many internet fads seem to be little more than that… fads. But with a few hot funding efforts (even in the world of man powered helicopters) even I had to admit it was worth a second look. If you can raise money and interest at sufficient levels to have a bicyclist take to the air, maybe you could wake the public up to the impending disasters of Obamacare, right? The NRCC seems to have gotten off their collective butts and tried to give it a shot.

We’re asking Americans from all backgrounds – women, families, seniors, workers – to tell their story about how ObamaCare’s higher premiums, sky-rocketing taxes, and reduced care are hurting them. Via Pinterest, users can share their own stories about how the ObamaCare nightmare has turned into their reality. In the lead up to the House vote next week to also delay the individual mandate, we’ll be sharing these cataloged stories under the hashtag #DelayMyMandate.

A quote sent to us from the NRCC on this project.

“The NRCC is continuing to use innovative tools to communicate with Americans. This unfair delay in the ObamaCare mandate gives us a unique opportunity to ask Americans across the country how ObamaCare and its mandates, regulations and taxes are hurting them and their families – and we’re giving them the microphone to tell their own story.”

Regular readers are no strangers to the stories we’ve already told about how this dysfunctional implementation of a dysfunctional, “comprehensive” bill is affecting regular Americans – even union workers – but it seems as if the recent delays in implementation have provided the impetus for people to begin gathering their own tales of how this is affecting them. And with the NRCC’s new initiative, you can join in.

Have you seen your own premiums going up and covered benefits going down? Are you an employer who has been forced to make unpleasant choices in order to comply with new mandates? Or, perhaps, you’re just worried about what’s going to happen to your ability to pay your rent or mortgage after the individual mandate kicks in. Sign on and share. It’s not like it’s going to cost you anything. And if you’re on Twitter, use the hashtag, #DelayMyMandate.

We’ll be watching. Get off the sideline and help out.