So what have you got planned for June 1st? Given the time of year, some of you may be thinking of vacation, fishing, or possibly just grilling some burgers and enjoying the approach of summer. But if you don’t have anything else planned, you might want to hop on a bus and head to Ft. Meade in Maryland for what is being billed as a “mass rally” in support of Bradley Manning, currently preparing to finally begin his official court martial.

The “support network” for the accused traitor describes it as follows:

June 1st is the International Day of Action to Support Bradley Manning. Join us at Fort Meade on the eve of Bradley’s court martial. Solidarity actions are welcome at bases, recruiting centers and US embassies worldwide. We ask that Veterans for Peace join us in cosponsoring these historic events.

When something really catches the public’s attention and drives them out into the streets it can, and frequently does, happen in a very organic, natural fashion. A few items in the local paper or on television can move people to action to make their voices heard. So how will folks be flocking to this event in support of Manning?

Get on the Bradley Manning bus! Click here for information for buses from Baltimore, Washington DC, New York City, Willimantic CT, New Brunswick NJ, Philadelphia PA.


If you’re having to bus people in from the entire northeast to build a show of support, that might tell you something. For the rest of you out there, the court martial kicks off on June 3. Expect more coverage from Hot Air as events proceed forward.