This will probably come as a crushing blow to Chris Hayes, (the legacy of Hugo Chavez is “complicated” donchaknow…) but it seems that the dictator may miss out on his chance to become a permanent national monument in corpse form. It turns out that the process to permanently embalm and display the now room temperature leader would take a bit more work than can be managed.

Venezuela’s information minister says the government has decided that the body of Hugo Chavez will not be embalmed for permanent display, as officials had said it would be.

Ernesto Villegas’ tweet Friday night says the government has discarded the option based on the advice of a Russian medical commission.

The message says the commission had said Chavez’s body would have to be sent to Russia for seven to eight months to be properly embalmed.

Well, this is about the most distressing news to come out since the Girls Gone Wild team had to file for bankruptcy. Without having the Chavez corpse to visit and look at, Venezuela may have to put in a socialist version of Disneyland or something. ( The It’s a Small World ride should be a real hoot.) But I suppose I can see why they went to the Russians to make the decision. I mean, they’ve got all of that experience with, er…


Anyway, I know you’re all totally interested in all of the science involved here, so let’s go to the video. Then you can debate the political and mortuary ramifications of… Naw. Just kidding. Let’s go with the Girls Gone Wild bankruptcy story. It’s probably more relevant anyway.