For some time now we’ve been trying to keep you up to date on the combined efforts of the government of Ecuador, an army of US trial lawyers and a brigade of environmentalists to shake down Chevron for billions of dollars. It’s a rather pathetic effort which should have been brushed under the carpet in any sane system of justice, (sadly not a description which fits many courts) but even in a liberal paradise, judges from the U.S. Second District Court have upheld the company’s RICO charge that the campaign and its backers were engaged in an “extortionate scheme.”

So what are a group of enviro-extortionists to do? Easy answer… they’ll go on the air pretending to be conservatives to try to gin up support for their efforts. Jack Fowler reports at The Corner:

There’s a lot of money at stake (a number of deep-pocketed lefties have bankrolled this baloney, and are expecting a return on their investment), so next week the Amazon Defense Coalition is rolling out a major radio ad campaign—“You Break It You Fix”—targeting conservative-minded folk and trying to convince them that Chevron is “anti-American.” It’s faux patriotism meets Saul Alinsky (listen here).

The sad part is that the video is likely to fool a predictable number of conservatives. And that number is zero. Just give their short advertisement a look and decide for yourselves.

So… are you ready to jump on the “Sue Chevron” bandwagon yet?

I didn’t think so.