Being fundamentally lazy by nature there are few things better in life than a story that pops up on a Sunday afternoon which essentially writes itself. And in the case, I could spend a lot of time trying to think up witty quips to pepper the page with, but I honestly don’t know if I could concoct anything funnier than the woman’s own words.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said President Obama should use the “do-nothing Congress” as a punching bag on the campaign trail.

“Forget Democrats, for the good of the country, I think it’s really important for the president to make the race he is running against the do-nothing Congress,” she said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Pelosi said Democrats do not feel stung by the president setting his sights on Congress, given that the American people are just as frustrated with the legislative body.

“I have no problem with the president’s statement,” she said. “We want the president to run the race that’s good for the country, and this do-nothing Congress must be defeated.”

Anticipating some of the feedback from readers, let’s make a few things clear right up front:

  1. This is not from The Onion. I checked twice.
  2. The date is actually January 8th. Not April 1st
  3. There is absolutely zero proof of any sort that the former Speaker had been drinking

So Ms. Pelosi and her caucus have “no problem” with Obama running against the “do-nothing Congress” which “must be defeated.” I see…

Not for nothing, but aren’t you one of the most powerful leaders in that august body, even though in the minority? And for the record, it’s your chamber who has actually been doing something, what with passing a number of jobs bills, no? Not that you helped all that much with the effort. (Nice new video emphasizing that point, should you care to watch.) If anybody is falling into the “do-nothing” category, I’d say it’s your friends in the upper chamber who have slowly but surely morphed into a 21st century version of the Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight before our very eyes.

Pelosi had one other point she wanted to make crystal clear during these fabulous remarks:

Pelosi also vowed, if re-elected, to remain in office at least through 2014. Speculation spiked that Pelosi might be eyeing an end to her career as a lawmaker, after her daughter said in an interview with a conservative site that she wanted to retire. Pelosi’s office has called that claim “totally untrue.”

“There’s no greater honor for me than being the representative of San Francisco,” Pelosi said.

And for that we thank you. Especially if you’re going to keep on serving up softballs like this.

Update (AP): Here’s the clip.