It’s one of those stories in American politics which never seems to go away. We reported back in May that new allegations of corruption continue to be unearthed regarding former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. This has been going on for years now, but mysteriously nothing ever seems to come of it. Critics have been pushing the blame for the situation over to Gary King, the Attorney General of the state and the person who would have to initiate any such action. Well, it seems that Gary is tired of being kicked around and summoned the media to set the record straight.

ALBUQUERQUE – State Attorney General Gary King, in a wide-ranging, 90-minute defense of himself, said today that his detractors may be most upset because he has not tried to prosecute former governor Bill Richardson.

King said many of his critics want to know why he has not indicted Richardson, a fellow Democrat, whose eight years as governor were marked by robust times and investment scandals.

King said he bases every decision on facts that can be proven, not popularity or political connections. This holds true with a powerful man such as Richardson and everybody else, King said.

To those who continue to insist that Richardson must have done something illegal, King said: “Bring me the evidence.”

That’s an interesting defense to mount to say the least. One might be tempted to think that a grand jury indictment stemming from a judge who claims to have paid thousands of dollars to buy an appointment to the bench might be considered “evidence.” (Or at least reasonable grounds to begin an investigation.) And that was only one in a rather lengthy series of charges which seem to amount to a lot more than the rumors and “unsubstantiated charges” which King refers to during his presser.

But, since we’re all just going to toss around “unsubstantiated charges” anyway, that brings up a possible exit question for the readers. I wonder where, when and how Mr. King got his job. (Oh, come on. We can all play this game.)