First, I’d like to apologize for not getting a travelogue of Capt. Ed and the First Mate’s journey through Italy yesterday, but the breaking news on bin Laden pretty much knocked everything into a top hat and even Ed had to come off the bench and do a column on it, which we linked here. But we should be back on track now. The Morrissey’s are still prowling about Rome and send their best wishes and greetings to all of us stuck at home or at work. They feel really, really, really bad for us as these pictures will demonstrate.

First is the cover shot of Ed and the First Mate on one of the many ancient stairways at the Vatican. Ed’s description:

This one is particularly dramatic. It was built by Bernini and is adjacent to the Royal Stairs, which lead to the Sistine Chapel. This staircase parallels the Basilica.

Ed and the First Mate on the stairs in the Vatican

Next, the happy couple poses with Fr. Mark Haydu, who runs the Patrons program for the Vatican, raising funds for restoration projects. As a teaser, Ed has a 20-minute interview with Fr. Mark about the program, which he will share with everyone here on Sunday at Hot Air.
Ed, First Mate and Fr. Mark Haydu

This is a shot of the famous Colosseum, which Ed snapped on a walking tour of the city.
The Colosseum in Rome

Finally, a picture of the Sancta Sanctorum in an annex of St. John Lateran. I’ll let Capt. Ed describe it.

This is at the top of the stairs. It was originally a reading room for the Popes. The bold lettering above roughly translates to There Is No Holier Place Than This In The World. The artwork is beautiful.

The Sancta Sanctorum in the Vatican

We’ll have more shots for you tomorrow, as Ed is shooting them to me faster than I can process them today. Enjoy!