Alternate headline: Solid majority of Americans making “common cause” with ‘Death to America’ fanatics.

His numbers are worst on Iran, but they’re pretty bad across the board; he’s underwater on every issue polled, except for, er, climate change:

Actually, I lied. His numbers are worse on immigration (-25) than on Iran (-22).  It would seem that O’s naked power grab via executive fiat hasn’t worn well with the public.  His latest massive regulatory usurpation is ostensibly designed to combat climate change, the issue on which he’s currently polling best.  Give those numbers time.  We’ll see how middle and working class Americans feel about their “new and improved” energy bills — if Obama’s scheme is ever implemented, that is.  Another instance of EPA overreach was recently struck down by the Supreme Court.  Back to Gallup’s results.  I’d guess that a significant chunk if those who disapprove of Obama on immigration are disaffected amnesty cheerleaders who wish he’d done even more on the issue.  Does the same dynamic apply to the Iran situation?  I doubt it.  There are precious few Americans who think the administration hasn’t been accommodating enough of the mullahs, so that (33/55) split seems like a pretty good indicator of just how effective Team Smart Power has been at selling their atrocious “deal.”  Indeed, a recent Q-poll showed support for the accord deeeeeep underwater at (28/57).  Gallup’s new numbers fortify that finding.  In spite of all the slanders and bullying, the White House can’t convince Americans, including many members of Obama’s own party, that his geopolitical legacy project advances American interests and makes the world a safer place.  The agreement abandons every significant red line laid out by a bipartisan group of foreign policy heavyweights, significantly retreats from the president’s own assurances, and confers international legitimacy upon Iran’s rogue nuclear and advanced weapons programs.  It also hands a terrorist-sponsoring regime many billions of dollars with which to finance their global havoc, which has included the outright murder of hundreds of US soldiers in Iraq.  Oh, and in case you missed it, here’s our Secretary of State explaining that Iran can violate various terms of the agreement without really breaching the whole thing:

Specifically, the arms embargo is not tied to the snapback; it is tied to a separate set of obligations. So they are not in material breach of the nuclear agreement for violating the arms piece of it.

Remember, we tossed in easing of restrictions on the UN arms embargo and Iran’s illegal ballistic missile program as last minute “add-on” sweeteners. Now it appears that not only did Iran gain those concessions, they have license cheat on those favorable new terms without endangering their nuclear sanctions relief gravy train.  Terrific. Kerry may have felt compelled to make this clear because Iran’s leaders are already promising to ignore the remaining restrictions; America’s top diplomat is assuring them that such conduct won’t be a deal-breaker. He’s also flat-out lying:

Wrong. False. Fortunately, the American people aren’t buying this spin — not that this president cares.  His overall job approval rating, despite the ugliness embedded above?  A middling 47 percent.