Never let it be said that the left doesn’t start young in explaining the proper role of government in your life.

One of these two people is naïve, not yet in control of all their faculties, clearly delusional in thinking the entire world revolves around their needs, and can inadvertently stick a fork into a wall socket in a second’s notice. The other one is former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s grandson, Jasper Michael Brown Quintana.

Now I don’t begrudge Joe being Joe. I personally love babies. I have a grandson just shy of two whom I adore, and another one on the way in October. I am considered the baby whisperer around my house. That said, the thought of pulling a pacifier from a baby’s mouth and inserting it unwashed, sterilized or otherwise de-cootied into my mouth is a thought that has never entered my head. Not so with Joe, though, apparently.

Good news, Democrats. If Hillary runs into problems with that whole email server/Benghazi/Clinton Foundation/policy for donations/Columbia trade deal for donations/China policy for donations thing, here’s your backup plan.