As Ed noted this morning, Chris Christie’s office was back on “Bridgegate” offense over the weekend after Friday’s not-bombshell bombshell, courtesy of the New York Times; and here’s the audio-visual followup from the man himself in a radio interview this evening, via CNN. Christie’s been consistent in his responses to the whole rumpus so far, and the NYT’s published-and-then-scaled-back allegations didn’t do anything to change his story: “The most important issue is, did I know anything about the plan to close these lanes? Did I authorize it? Did I know about it? Did I approve it? Did I have any knowledge of it beforehand? And the answer is still the same, it’s unequivocally no. And in fact, no one’s ever accused me of that. … So, my dispute is, twofold. First: To make clear to everybody in the midst of all the things that were reported over the weekend, that nobody has said that I knew anything about this before it happened. I think that’s the most important question. Secondly, when this first became an issue for me, because, let’s face it, Eric, there’s traffic every day… that’s not something that rises to the gubernatorial level.”