This morning, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz doubled down on her rabidly determined conviction that Democrats can and will be running on the strength of ObamaCare come the 2014 campaign season; and while I’ll admit that I’m frankly impressed that she somehow managed to do so through unclenched teeth, it’s already abundantly clear that other Democrats aren’t going to have as simple a time hiding their panic and desperation over the law’s consequences. Democrats’ wagon-circling on ObamaCare circa 2010 didn’t end up working out too well for them, and I don’t think they’re looking for a repeat experience.

Democrat Mark Begich from Alaska is one of those aforementioned vulnerable Democrats, and things got a little awkward on CNN this afternoon when he was asked whether or not he’d appreciate President Obama’s services in helping him to campaign for reelection next year; I must say, Begich handled the question rather beautifully, politically speaking, but the shorter answer certainly wasn’t a resounding “Yes!”, was it?

JOHN BERMAN: If the president offered to come do Alaska to campaign for you, would you accept that offer?

MARK BEGICH: He’s been to Alaska a couple times as he’s passed through on the way to Asia. So, people at the end of the day will elect me based on what I have been doing, what I’ve been representing in Alaska. I was born and raised in Alaska. People know me. No matter where I go, they want to know what Mark Begich is doing to help Alaska move forward on the tough issues we have. That’s what I’ll be campaigning on, that’s what my focus will be.

BERMAN: Is he helpful, though, to your reelection, and would his presence be helpful to you?

BEGICH: I think anyone who banks on any politician coming to the state is not working on what they need to do. I focus on what people want me to campaign on, they’re looking at what I’m doing back here. If the president wants to come up there, that’s his decision, but you know what? If he comes up there, I’m going to take him to the Arctic, I’m going to show him ANWR, I’m going to tell him why we need to drill in ANWR. Change his mind on that if I can, bang him over the heads a few times on it. So, if he wants to come and see what I want to show him what he needs to change his position on, I’m happy to do it.