Oregon was plenty enthusiastic about helping out the administration by taking on the task to build their own ObamaCare exchange, and they made sure there was a lot of buildup in the months approaching the enrollment period. You don’t have to take my word for it:


Anyhow. While a handful of individual state exchanges have been faring somewhat better than their federal equivalent, it seems that Oregon’s exchange is plagued with similar issues that have so far prohibited anyone from actually enrolling. Via OregonLive:

Officials for Oregon’s health insurance exchange on Thursday reported some progress, but acknowledged a major fix to the problem-plagued site may not happen this month as hoped. The website still has not enrolled anyone. …

Spokesman Michael Cox said that timeline is now a goal, rather than an expectation. “We’re not going to rush out a system that we are not satisfied with.”

The latest update on timing of the fix — arguably the biggest facing coveroregon.com — comes after the site initially was supposed to let consumers enroll themselves beginning Oct. 1. That was changed to letting only insurance agents and application assisters enroll people through the site. Then the state announced that plan, too, would be postponed, but that the problem preventing agents from enrolling clients likely would be fixed by the end of October. …

As of Wednesday, Cover Oregon has processed 34 paper applications to determine if people were eligible for financial assistance. These applications were not processed by the website, but by hand starting Oct. 15.

“We’re not going to rush out a system we are not satisfied with.” Huh. Good advice, right?