It feels like House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa has spent half of his tenure trying to pry improperly redacted information out of The Most Transparent Administration, Evah‘s obfuscating death grip. Fortunately, however, it’s a role from which Chairman Issa does not shy. At a hearing this morning with acting IRS commissioner Danny Werfel, Issa grilled Werfel on the omitted documents he feels the IRS is slow-rolling the Committee on turning over, as well as the heavily redacted ones they have turned over — finally prompting Issa to assert the the agency has left him no choice but to issue a subpoena. “You’d better hope — you’d better really hope — that we don’t find something there that clearly should not have been redacted, which we expect we will.”  NRO picked it up:

Another sample from this epic exchange:

“Here’s my question to you. We produced, I believe, 63 search terms. You added some search terms. I’m not disagreeing with your adding “progressive” and looking for “progressive,” that’s fine. I want more, not less. You came up with this — it added up to a total of about eighty search terms, and then unilaterally, your people, the office of Chief Counsel, reduced that down to a dozen. They are not searching on the terms we’ve asked for. Our request is for all information related to this. When you eliminate search terms unilaterally, you’re obstructing us by limiting the scope of discovery. Do you understand that?”