Well, this is rich. The guy who happens to be in contempt of Congress for unresolved questions and stonewalling over a deadly gunwalking scandal, and whose department is currently under investigation for tapping into a wide swath of AP journalists’ phone records — and who conveniently just can’t seem to remember when it was the he recused himself from what he acknowledges is that very serious case — has zero reservations about dishing out scoldings for other people’s ostensibly unacceptable behavior. Via ABC:

Yeah, okay, except that Oversight Chairman Issa was asking Attorney General Holder why his department has yet to turn over the emails that may serve as potential evidence of alleged violations of the Federal Records Act and a shady quid-pro-quo deal by Obama’s Labor Department nominee Thomas Perez and that are currently the subject of a bipartisan subpoena (the DOJ has so far only provided the “to” and “from” components and not the actual contents of the emails). Holder blithely cautioned that “I’m sure there must have been a good reason why only the to-and-from parts were provided,” to which Issa rejoined, “Yes, you didn’t want us to see the details” — which really is nothing more than a statement of the obvious, but Holder didn’t like that at all.

The heart bleeds.