Quoth President Obama, “If there’s even one thing we can do, if there’s just one life we can save — we’ve got an obligation to try.” But, as Project Veritas asks in their latest video, are President Obama and his liberal allies really doing everything they possibly can to perhaps save even just one life? Their attention to addressing gun violence certainly does seem mighty selective; they’re all too willing to infringe on America’s Second Amendment rights to enact measures that they (often wrongly) posit will impact gun violence, but when it comes to the gun violence peddled and even glamorized in films, Hollywood gets a free pass. The point is not necessarily that gun violence in movies and video games begets violence in real life, but rather that there are plenty of studies out there to that effect and President Obama has proclaimed that we have an moral obligation to try anything we can. If there’s a chance that some nutjob is even subtly influenced toward murderousness by the gun violence in movies, would entertainment companies and media personalities be willing to do anything about it?