In case there was any doubt about Christie’s insane level of popularity in New Jersey or his prospects for reelection this November, just take a look at the man’s fundraising tallies so far. Can’t touch this:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is raising record cash for his re-election bid. …

In December, before Democrats had even rallied around a candidate, Christie had amassed almost as much as he raised in the entire 2009 primary. He has since begun an out-of-state fundraising swing, with an event last month at Facebook Inc (FB). co- founder Mark Zuckerberg’s California home and an appearance last week in Wisconsin with Governor Scott Walker.

Christie, 50, is enjoying record approval in New Jersey for his response to Hurricane Sandy. Almost half of Democratic voters say he deserves another term as he leads his challenger, state Senator Barbara Buono, by 36 percentage points. …

Christie had raised $2.3 million by 2009’s June primary, more than any other New Jersey candidate for governor who didn’t finance his or her own campaign. For this year’s race, he raised $2.1 million through Dec. 31, while Buono drew $215,000. The next fundraising reports are due in April.

Two birds, one stone: His gubernatorial reelection is a great way to build up a national donor base and show off his fundraising prowess, a pretty important skill set when it comes to running for president — and when his very probable landslide victory is in the rearview, he can really get to work on trying to mitigate some of the national Republican ire he’s accrued recently (from RNC keynote to CPAC snub — politics is certainly a fickle beast).

What’s more, Christie will be the head of the Republican Governors’ Association in 2014, the year of both the Congressional midterms and a whole raft of gubernatorial races — and there’s nothing like likeability/popularity and fundraising capacity to help get you back in everyone good’s graces.