Allahpundit already explained the motivations behind the White House’s announcement that they’re cancelling all public tours of the president’s residence until further notice; the Obama administration is putting all of their best efforts into making the sequester cuts as painful, visible, and wide-ranging as humanly possible in order to ensure that no ordinary American citizen should be able to escape their effects unscathed in some capacity — ’cause let’s be real, how else will they convince the country that we cannot turn back the tide of government, we must hike taxes, and that we need to elect more Democrats in 2014? Options for cutting the budget in ways that do not negatively impact the public at large need not apply.

Well, if we’re asking Americans to do without a few of their civic/historical leisure options, wouldn’t it only be egalitarian of us to ask the president to cut down on his recreational leisure, too? We could certainly save a few dollars on law enforcement, security, and transport for those frequent golf trips the president likes to take, no?  photo Screenshot2013-03-05at92127PM_zps715d15c0.pngI laughed, but come on now: The White House was practically begging for open season on their own spending habits with that strategy.