The Department of Justice has confirmed that one man has been taken into custody in Florida in the investigation into the pipe-bomb spree that has gripped the nation this week. NBC’s Pete Williams is delivering a live report now and cautioning that this might not mean the case is resolved — but the DoJ now plans a press conference for later this afternoon:

ABC News reports it as a “suspect” in custody:

We’ll watch this as it develops, but it might be over. Let’s hope so, anyway.

Update: Two more bombs were discovered earlier today, sent to James Clapper and Cory Booker:

Authorities recovered suspicious packages sent to Democratic Sen. Cory Booker and James Clapper, the director of national intelligence under President Obama. The packages appeared to be similar to 10 others sent this week.

The package sent to Booker was found in Florida, the FBI said on Twitter on Friday morning. Sources told CBS News that the package sent to Clapper was found at a postal facility in New York City.

The New York package was addressed to “James Robert Clapper Time Warner (CNN),” according to a photo of the package obtained by CBS New York station WCBS-TV. On Wednesday, a bomb sent to CNN’s offices in New York’s Time Warner Center prompted an evacuation of the building.

The arrest took place at an auto-parts store in suburban Miami. The local CBS affiliate reports that an explosion took place, but might have been a flash-bang device to stun the suspect before police raided the store.

Update: Multiple news outlets report that the man arrested will be charged with the bomb threats:

Update: The man was in his 50s, and he lived in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ district. Pete Williams wonders whether he had any accomplices:

That’s a good question. If the bombs in New York City were hand-delivered, was he in NYC at those times — or did he have someone helping him out?

Update: The perp allegedly left DNA evidence on the packages, allowing law enforcement to confirm his identity:

If that’s true, then we’re not dealing with a criminal mastermind. Of course, if they caught the man this quickly, we could have assumed that anyway.

Update: This seems … interesting:

Update: Definitely not a criminal mastermind:

So far, this looks like great work from the FBI and its partner law-enforcement agencies. We’ll have to see what it looks like in court, however.

Update: NBC confirms Sayoc’s identification and NY1 has another mugshot of him as well.

Update: Did another package get through? Looks like Kamala Harris might have also been a target:

We may see more come through in the next few days.

Update: This is also interesting:

The arrest took place in Florida and at least some of the action took place there too. Four of the bombs were delivered in New York, at least, so it makes sense that the SDNY would be involved. It could also mean that they’re checking to see if Sayoc had an accomplice for the hand deliveries in the state, or maybe just tracking his cell-phone location data to tie him to the specific deliveries.

Update: “An incredible job by law enforcement,” Donald Trump said in his first comments on the arrest. “These acts are despicable and have no place in our country.”

Update: FWIW, which isn’t much. Sayoc was a registered Republican, but not for very long:

Update: Reportedly the Secret Service hadn’t heard of this guy. One would think the van alone would have prompted a little attention. But if not that, then maybe this?

If you’re thinking this is in response to Holder’s “kick them” remark, think again:

The tweet was dated Sept. 20, so it would have been before Holder’s comments saying when Republicans go low, ” we kick them.”

Biden and Holder were two of the 12 targets of prominent Trump critics who were mailed pipe bombs.

Aaaaaand at least one of them has lifetime Secret Service protection. Maybe no one flagged it for them, but it certainly looked like the kind of veiled threat that would have normally prompted a response.

Update: I think we have to get Marc Caputo in on a “Florida Man” thread, because this guy is soooo “Florida Man”: