Two shootings in Paris that ended in Orly Airport are connected, Paris police say, and prosecutors have begun a terror investigation into the bizarre incident. A man attempted to wrest a gun away from a security officer at the airport and hid in a shop, but later died in a shootout. The same man allegedly shot a policewoman in the head and then carjacked a vehicle earlier in the day before having his crime spree brought to a sudden halt:

France’s anti-terrorism prosecutor has opened an investigation after a man who tried to grab an assault weapon from a soldier at Orly Airport in Paris was shot dead, an official at the prosecutor’s office told ABC News.

Investigators are now searching for “clues, stories, and images” pertaining to the suspect and incident, France’s interior minister said.

The brother and father of the suspect are being questioned, but have not been detained.

The suspect, whom authorities have not identified, was not on the government’s list of people considered a threat to national security, the prosecutor’s office told ABC News.

Not so fast. SkyNews reported that counterterrorism officials in France does have the dead suspect on a watch list, and for a familiar reason:

A radicalised Muslim on a crime watchlist opened fire on three police officers at a road check before attacking a soldier at a Paris airport.